Tutorial Einführung in die Kraftwerkssimulationssoftware EBSILON®Professional

No. Course Catalogue: 311196

The module provides specific knowledge on the use of the power plant simulation software EBSILON®Professional.

Tutorial description

Teaching language

All classes of the module are held in German.

After successful completion of the module, students will be able to

  • use the basic functions of EBSILON®Professional,
  • independently create simple power plant models and simulate processes, and critically reflect on simulation results with regard to the representation of reality, accuracy and sustainability of the system.


  • Basics of power plant simulation
  • Simulation of water-steam cycles
  • Conducting parameter studies
  • Simulation of partial load cases
  • Validation calculation
  • Introduction to the EbsScript programming environment

Course registration and materials

Lecture and exercise materials, as well as a collection of past exams with sample solutions, can be found under this course in Stud.IP.