Master laboratory Energietechnik

No. Course Catalogue: 319757

As part of the key competence module "Master Laboratory", the Institute of Power Plant Technology and Heat Transfer (IKW) offers the "Master Laboratory Energy Technology" in cooperation with the TFD. The aim of the experiment is to apply and deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired in the fields of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The students are therefore responsible for the preparation, execution and evaluation of the experiments under the supervision of a supervisor.

Laboratory description

Teaching language

All classes of the module are held in German.

The Master's Laboratory in Energy Engineering is divided into two experiments:

  • Power plant simulation (IKW)
  • Calibration of a 5-hole probe (TFD)

The power plant simulation experiment offered by the IKW includes the simulation of the Hanover joint power plant using commercial software for different load points.

In order to study the flow in turbomachines, data or measurements must be available that realistically describe the flow processes in a turbomachine. Various types of probes have been developed to measure these variables. 5-hole probes are used for three-dimensional measurement of steady state flow. These need to be calibrated beforehand. A 5-hole probe is calibrated for the TFD part of the Energy Technology Master Laboratory.

The test is carried out in the institute's own low-velocity calibration channel of the TFD. The aim is to use modern measurement technology to determine the relevant calibration coefficients from the measured pressures at varying flow angles. The calibration itself and the results are to be documented and interpreted by the students in a laboratory report.


  • Power plant engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics I
  • Heat transfer
  • Measurement technology
  • Signal theory
  • Thermodynamics I and II

Course registration and materials

Lecture and exercise materials, as well as a collection of past exams with sample solutions, can be found under this course in Stud.IP.