Kerntechnische Anlagen

No. Course Catalogue: 30024

The module provides a basic knowledge of the peaceful use of nuclear energy as a CO2-neutral bridging technology, with a focus on reactor and safety technology.

Module description

Teaching language

All classes of the module are held in German.

After successful completion of the module, students will be able to

  • understand the design and function of a nuclear installation,
  • describe and compare the characteristics of different types of reactors,
  • assess the risks and challenges associated with nuclear technology and understand safety measures in reactor technology.


  • Fundamentals of nuclear physics
  • Thermodynamic fundamentals
  • Engineering design of a nuclear facility
  • Dismantling of nuclear facilities
  • Safety engineering
  • Fuel cycle and disposal options

Course registration and materials

Lecture and exercise materials, as well as a collection of past exams with sample solutions, can be found under this course in Stud.IP.

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