Tutorial OpenFOAM Praktischer Einstieg in die numerischen Verfahren der Strömungsmechanik und der Wärmeübertragung

No. Course Catalogue: 358899

The module teaches the practical application of the numerical methods of heat transfer and fluid mechanics in OpenFOAM.

Tutorial description

Teaching language

All classes of the module are held in German.

After successful completion of the module, students will be able to

  • explain and apply the basic principles of numerical heat transfer,
  • independently create simulations using the OpenFOAM software to solve engineering problems.


  • Theoretical principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics such as conservation equations, finite volume method and the use of special solvers.
  • Application of heat transfer fundamentals individually and in combination with fluid mechanics
  • Step-by-step development of simulations in OpenFOAM
  • Work on and present a problem in heat transfer and fluid mechanics

Course registration and materials

Lecture and exercise materials, as well as a collection of past exams with sample solutions, can be found under this course in Stud.IP.